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Interactive Practice Dashboard

CosmoLex “Heads Up” Dashboard — Your Practice Co-pilot

Multi-Level Dashboard Gives Everyone “Just What They Need”

An incredibly intuitive Dashboard is the first thing everyone sees when they log in to CosmoLex each day. But not everyone sees the same thing! It all depends on your role in the practice. We did say it’s “intuitive”!

A Dashboard to Control Your Practice

Ideal for partners & office administrator, the Practice-Level Dashboard gives you a high-level snapshot that gets you oriented & organized in seconds. You see which cases are moving forward — and which are not. It’s a critical advantage that gives you the power to set your priorities for the coming day – to make sure you spend your time on the things that matter most. After a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

A Dashboard to Manage Your Day

Each individual user gets a Personalized Dashboard to focus on only those items for which they are responsible. For example, any logged-in user can see — on a single page — their upcoming meetings, pending tasks, billed time, and more. The user-level dashboard is a great way to keep everyone focused on the top priorities every day. In the long-term, the dashboard helps each team member measure & improve their personal productivity.

A Dashboard for Each Client Matter

Client matters are the heart of every law practice. And matters have a lot of details. When you open a Matter Folder in CosmoLex, the first thing you see is a Matter Dashboard that gives you all of your critical & actionable items at a glance. You can see how your matter is progressing, find out what needs to be done next, and be alerted to any problem areas. The Matter Dashboard keeps you up-to-date & focused like never before.

A Central Place to Monitor Activities

CosmoLex keeps automatic Audit Logs. This display shows a list of which CosmoLex users accessed the system, which activities they performed, and when each action occurred — making it easy to produce an audit report when a mistake has been made.

When a mistake is made — and mistakes will be made since we are all only human — CosmoLex’s automatic audit log provides objective documentation of when the activity occurred & who performed the action. The timing of an activity can be important. For example, you might need to show that a particular invoice was sent out in a timely fashion.