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User Management

Precision Controls Protect Sensitive Information

Comprehensive User Management

A critical challenge for many law firms is how to prevent users from viewing certain information, performing certain functions, or accessing certain integrated apps. After all, not every user at the firm should have same level of access. Access to things like financial balances, invoicing, or bank reconciliations are to be strictly controlled. The CosmoLex ‘User Management’ provides a powerful tool to manage the security, roles & privileges of each user.

Role-Based User Privileges

You can configure CosmoLex to limit access of any user to specific sections and grant “read-only” access to selected sections. For example, a typical user may not need to view or edit accounting-related functions. To ensure consistency, you can create role templates, such as “Billing-Only User,” “Bookkeeper” or “Full Access” and assign multiple users to a role template.

Individual User-Level Controls

Apart from read or edit related permissions, you can specify that a user is restricted to work on only certain types of records, even if they have “full access” to all areas of the application. Users can be afforded or denied privileges for specific banks, financial reports, dashboards, matters (based on matter owner), time entries (by timekeeper), and viewing rights to calendars, tasks, and email.
Practicing law depends on confidentiality. Your firm’s administrator can use these role-based and user-level controls to customize the use of CosmoLex among your users based on your firm’s “need-to-know” requirements.